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Through industrial process control, regulation, implementation of human / machine interfaces or even decentralized I / O control, AGET is recognized for a highly technical mastery of solutions for your automation needs &control.

Industrial process control
  • Control of industrial processes by PLCs,
  • Batch or continuous process management (dosing-mixing, handling, extrusion, slaughtering, liquid, etc.).
  • Carrying out functional analysis and risk analysis .
  • Control of inputs-outputs locally or on field bus.
  • Information feedback for traceability.
Human machine interface
Decentralized I/O control
SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for Industrial Process
  • Monitoring.
  • Regulation and Historization (curves, faults, alarms…).
  • Workflow management
  1. Traceability
  2. Maintenance.
  3. Programming of workflow sequences.
  4. Real time inventory management
  5. Codification of processes.
  6. Energy management, Building management